Linfield Bedroom

The master bedroom is, so far, my favorite room in the house.  I’m nicknaming this the “Rose Room”.  Obviously, the beautiful scrapbook paper I used as wallpaper was my inspiration for all the furnishings and decor.  Settle in for this post…there’s a lot going on in this room.

First, I started with the armoire.  I used an unfinished cabinet as my base.

I removed one of the doors and took off the wood knobs.  I then began all the reconstruction which included adding faux drawers, painting, and various jewelry findings.  I removed the center bracket on the remaining door and added a piece of folded fabric. 

Lastly, I made two hat boxes, scarves, and a framed picture for the top.  The picture is a printed image glued into a button.  I also made a jewelry box to sit inside.

I made curtains for the French door.  I also added some decorative panels to the bottom of the doors.  I made these using balsa wood, scrapbook corners, and more roses.

The bed was my favorite project in this room.  My mom had recently gifted me a couple of plain dollhouse beds that she found discounted.  Of course, there is zero chance of me leaving anything plain or as-is, so I set to work.  Here is what I started with,  not bad but I knew I could do better.

I first stripped off all the bedding and foam.  I then began glueing on all sorts of jewelry findings, small metalwork pieces, and roses.  I then painted everything in a rosey copper metallic paint.  Once the paint was dry,  I dipped the bed in polyurethane to seal everything.  

Finally, I began trimming, folding, and layering different fabrics until it was perfect.  I topped it off with handmade pillows and a throw blanket I made from tiny crocheted flowers.  Everything on this bed was handmade – from the pillows to the comforter where I painstakingly added each row of ruffles.  This bed is definitely the prettiest thing I’ve ever made for a dollhouse.  

I created a dressing screen and table for the room.  The dressing screen is constructed from balsa wood and more of my jewelry findings.  I used a bird bath that I had picked up somewhere on clearance and added a top to create the table.  I then made a little flower vase, purse, whatnot bowl, and gloves.

I took various scrapbooking frames and filled them with pictures I printed from the internet.  I hung the pictures on the wall behind the dressing area.  I also decided to go with a store-bought area rug for the room.

I purchased a vanity from Hobby Lobby.  I will say that it is actually a rather cute vanity out of the box.  But, of course, I needed it to be next-level.  So I got to work.

I sanded all the edges and high points and then stained the vanity, wiping away most of the excess.  I wanted an antiqued or aged look and this technique worked perfectly.  I then began creating tiny bottles from beads and jewelry findings.  I made a little tray that I placed a handmade compact, lipstick, nail polish, and makeup brush in.  I then added a store-bought lamp.  I had a straw hat with raffia trim.  I removed the raffia, added my own embellishments, and hung it from the mirror.  Lastly,  I created a couple of simple necklaces that I allowed to hang out of a partially opened drawer.

I also recovered the vanity seat and added scrapbooking frames and corners.

I finished off the wall behind the bed and vanity with more framed prints and created a picture rail with shelf.  I added various handmade knick knacks to the shelf.

Lastly, I hung a chandelier that my daughter made for me.  I’m calling this room done.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Linfield Bathroom

I had so much fun with this little room!  From the rolls of toilet paper to the tiny soaps,  it was such a joy coming up with all the different ways to make all the toiletries and bath accessories.

I started out with a hand-me-down porcelain bath set (tub, toilet, and sink).  I also had an old cupboard I could use for storage.  I finally decided on the placement of each piece and then set to work on creating all the other items.

I created a chandelier using various glass beads and jewelry findings.  I then attached a scrapbook frame to the ceiling and hung the chandelier from the center.

I created a rug using 3 different corded trims.  Starting from the center, I glued the trim as I went to a heavy piece of printer paper to help it keep its shape.  Once it was large enough, I allowed it to dry, cut off the excess paper, and added scalloped trim.

I created a tiny medicine cabinet by using an old door that I had removed from one of the shelving units that I used in my bakery (never throw away anything!).  I cut and glued pieces of balsa board to the back of the door to create the cabinet base.  I then added a shelf inside.  I painted it using purple acrylic as the base coat and white milk paint on top-sanding when dry to expose the base coat underneath.  I then printed out medicine boxes from a free printable website.  I then glued it straight to the wall.  

Using jewelry wire and a metal bead, I created a toilet paper holder.  For the rolls of paper, I took a drinking straw, glued and rolled on cotton bandaging (from my real life first aid kit), and then cut the straw into smaller sections/individual rolls once the glue was dry.  I also printed a free tissue box, assembled, and attached a scrap of bandage.

I made various perfume bottles from beads.  I also found a free rug printable online and printed it on to printer fabric for some fancy towels.  I applied various trims to dress them up.

I created this shelf using metal scrapbook picture corners as the brackets.  I then used an old acrylic window insert, cut to length, for the shelf.  I created a towel rod from two jewelry findings and a dowel and glued it under the shelf.  I lastly arranged all my pretty towels and perfume bottles on the shelf and attached above the tub.

I again used a bead and wire to create a hand towel ring near the sink.  I painted the cabinet the same way I did the medicine cabinet and then filled it with homemade goodies.

I created more containers by cutting small lengths of squared and rounded dowels and then painted them and applied little labels created from free printables I found online.  I also took an old real life candle and cut out pieces of wax to create soaps.

For above the sink, I had a little gold mirror that I thought would be perfect.  I then created another “glass” shelf using leftover window inserts and tiny brackets made from pieces of a wooden Chinese fan.  To create the toothe brush, I cut a small sliver of wood and then glued a tiny piece of fiber fill on the end.  I then applied a tiny amount of paint to the fiber fill to stiffen.  The little cup, along with the wall art, are just more free printables that I spruced up with handmade frames.

I created a waste basket using the same cording used on the rug, a piece of trim for the top, a small rose glued on the front, and more of my “toilet paper” for waste.

I created a soap dish for the tub by cutting a plastic button in half and attaching it to a piece of trim.  I added a candle wax piece of soap.  I also took an extra miniature milk bottle I had and shaved it down on the front and back so it was a flat bottle instead of rounded. I painted the bottle and applied more printed labels before setting it on the tub.

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Linfield Study/Library

Off the master bedroom and bathroom, tucked in a tiny little nook, is one of my favorite areas of this house.  So I really wanted it to be special but with limited space, I knew I would have to get creative.

First, I began by taking another piece I had been hoarding for sometime, the desk, and sprucing it up with some office printables I found online.  I also made a wall hanging for above the desk using a printed painting that I framed with scrap wood trim painted gold.

I then filled up the built in book shelves with some previously purchased books,  flower vases,  small framed prints made from buttons that I glued prints onto, and some paper plates that I printed and mod podged to make shiny.  I also created some wall sconces from beads and jewelry findings.

Next I wanted a chair and table.  I had a purchased side table and just added a little lamp that I made from jewelry findings and beads.  I then took an old, ugly, plain wood, ladder back chair that I many times considered tossing, and stared at it for a very long time.  I knew I didn’t want to buy a chair but at the same time chair and table legs are the absolute worst to make from scratch.  Finally, i decided what had to be done and I broke the back off the chair.  I was essentially left with a large stool at that point.  I cut out a smaller, more delicate shaped back from cardboard.  I covered it in crossstitch/Aida fabric and then painted it.  I trimmed the back and attached it to the chair seat.  I made a seat cushion and skirt and attached to hide the ugly chair legs.  The ugly chair ended up being one of my favorite projects by far.  Lastly, I printed a round rug on fabric and trimmed it with a ruffle.

I just love the way it came together…ugly chair and all!

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Linfield Attic

More often than not, I have a few projects in the works at the same time.  I will get burned out working on one and move over to another.  Such is the case at the moment.  I am taking a break from the Tudor…and the overwhelming fumes of stain.  I’ve been inspired looking at DIY furniture and accessories online and have decided to decorate the rooms of the Linfield.    

I started with the attic rooms-child’s room and attic storage.    

First was the child’s room.  I first made the bed frame and the the round bed side table out of scraps of balsa wood, dowels, etc.  I knew I would be covering them with fabrics so I didn’t have to worry too much about precision, painting, or prettiness. For the quilt,  I knew there was no way I could cut and see together tiny shapes so I cut small strips of fabric and weaved them together hoping to give the illusion of an actual quilt.  I made a very simple mattress, pillows, and sheets then applied various trims to finish everything off before glueing to the bed frame.  I finished the bed by glueing a scrapbooking cutout as a headboard.  

I then worked on the bed side table, cutting out a couple of different sized circles from fabric, trimming them out, and glueing it all down.  I then took some jewelry findings and a small, painted dowel and made a lamp.  I also printed out various children’s books, put them all together, and placed one on the table.  

I had some small toys that I had picked up somewhere down the road.  They had been sitting in a box for years now.  So I spent most of a day searching for them.  While searching, I came upon a long lost, bottom half of an old michael’s $1.00 shelving unit.  I had removed the hutch/top half for another project and saved the bottom should I ever need it.  Turns out it was exactly the right size for an attic bedroom. I painted it up,  mod podged a little printed image,  and placed toys and a handmade crayon box and books on it.  

 I wanted a small table and chair for playtime so found a rug image online and printed it out on printer fabric.  I trimmed out the rug.  Again, I found a little treasure while searching through boxes-a small chair I had picked up at some point over the years.  I painted and decaled it.  Then I made a little table out of left over stair spindles and wood.  After painting the table, I knew I wanted some sort of scene going on so I found a little puzzle online.  I printed it, cut it, and glued it to the tabletop.  

 I then built my own little dollhouse for my dollhouse.  I scattered additional toys around, and then created a couple of wall hangings made from jewelry frames with pictures I printed from online inserted.    

This little room ended up gladly putting a tiny dent in my hoarded bits and pieces.  I couldn’t wait to do the attic storage space!  

I began pulling out all kinds of odds and ends that had been sitting in boxes and drawers for years and started filling up the space.  I ended up only making a couple of the items-the Christmas tree box and the Xmas Decor box.   

Once the attic was completed,  I was then able to shingle the back roof.  I am in love with the way it came together.  Not only did I finally bust my stash, but I was also able to make the things I didn’t have, making this a “no-money-spent project”  

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Tudor Side

For the side of the house, I added two small windows on the main floor.  These two windows will flank the fireplace in the living area.  I also needed to build a chimney to go along with the fireplace.  I marked out the basic placement onto the dollhouse wall.  I then took graph paper and made a template of the shape I wanted to create.  
Using the graph paper template, I cut out the shape from a piece of balsa wood.

I then built up the back of the cutout to my desired depth using square balsa strips.  I just layered the strips on top of each other until it was two strips thick. 

 Next I constructed the top of the chimney that will go on the roof (I’m sure there’s a proper name for this part of a chimney but I don’t know it :))

  I then added some handmade bricks to random places on both sections of the chimney and painted them.
I then applied a generous amount of matte Mod Podge on the bricks.  This seals them as well as provides a brick surface in which I can wipe away the grout adhesive I used in my next step. 

I used a spatula and spread the grout over the entire chimney wiping of my bricks as I went to expose them.

 Once the chimney pieces were dry, I attached them into place and began finishing the side to match the front.  

First I applied drywall mud all over and textured it with paper towels.  I then painted it antique white.  I next  glued paper clay to the bottom of the wall on either side of the chimney and created stones as I had done to my front steps.  
I added a cap to the top of the chimney using premade bricks and grout.  I then dry brushed the cap with black paint to simulate smoke stains. 
  I created non working shutters for the top floor window opening using the same technique used on the front door.  I also carried over my use of the handmade bricks underneath the window from the front of the house.
I added my strips under the eaves to match the front roof and glued a scrapbook cutout above the window.  I then added all my timbers. 
I dry brushed stain around the edge of each timbered section to age it.  
Finally I created more leaded “glass” to go in the small windows I added.  I also added small scrapbook cutout left overs above each of the small windows.

This was my first chimney construction so I know there are some design errors going on but I was happy with the look and just decided to roll with it.  

I am thrilled with the way the house is starting to come together.  On to the next side… 


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Tudor Front

Just a little more tweaking and the front is complete.  Oh how I wish this could be my full time job.

For under the gable, I cut strips of  wood and stained them.  Then I applied a generous layer of grout adhesive directly to the surface of the house and placed each strip of wood, mashing down so that the grout oozed between.   
For the stone entry,  I used paper clay.  I assembled the wood steps that came with the kit and then, once the glue was dry, I covered the sections with paper clay (there are a ton of great tutorials out there via Google for working with paper clay). I allowed the clay to dry for a couple of hours and carved the stone shapes using a dental pick.  I then began applying paint colors until I was satisfied.  I think I may go back and add some moss between the stones…can’t decide yet so I’m going to mull that one over for awhile.


I attached a pretty scrapbook cutout above the upper window and then semi-dry brushed around the edges of the timbers to further age it.

More to come as I begin working on the sides of the house.

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Tudor Windows and Roof

I was able to go ahead and start on the windows and roof today.  

I wanted leaded windows but the kit came with the white, screen printed design.  So I used a black Sharpie Oil Paint pen (extra fine tip)and traced over the white lines.  If you make mistakes with the Sharpie, have no fear. It comes off super easy with non acetone nail polish remover and doesn’t damage the plastic sheeting.

I also used Mod Podge Lustre to give the windows that warped-ness you see in very old glass.  I would advise you to only use Lustre as it dries with the same glossiness of glass where matte doesn’t shine at all.  Brush on in a random pattern.  

You will know when it’s completely dry as all the “milky” will be gone.  Once dry, glue panel to the inside of the window openings. 
Next I used a roll of coconut fiber pot liner and trimmed to fit the roof line.  I did two staggered rows.  I then glued bits of moss randomly around the roof.  

Now I’m off to do the rest of the roof.  More to come soon.

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