Tudor Cottage – First Floor

I’ve been working on the Tudor cottage lately. It has been slow-going since moving to Indianapolis in October. It has taken awhile setting up and organizing my craft room. Now that I can find everything, I’m back to creating.

I decided to start working on my partially completed projects, of which there are many, to make room for some new ideas I have bouncing around in my head. So I set to work on the Tudor Cottage.

This started out as the Brookfield Duracraft kit that I found on EBay. I previously finished most of the exterior walls and some of the flooring inside.

You can visit my previous posts on the Tudor to see more. Including a tile floor tutorial.

Here’s the completed first floor interior I’ve been working on.

Living room

I really wanted to create ornate ceilings in this house. I used gold scrapbook stickers and embossed wood trim in the living room. I trimmed over the front door using cardboard scrapbook cutouts. I also created beams in the dining hall.

This kit came with a simple, ladder type of stair. I decided to create my own.

I built a bench from scrap wood and embellished it with jewelry findings.

I wanted to incorporate some linen fold paneling which is very often used in Tudor decor. I built panels and a window seat and used corrugated scrapbook paper to create the linen folds.

I had a hard time finding a table that would fit into the dining hall in this small cottage. I ended up using a fairy garden table that I deconstructed and cut down to half its size in width and height.

The kitchen was the most fun for sure. I built my own fireplace and shelf. The bricks in the fireplace were made with cork that I cut into rectangles and painted. I created the stone floor using paper clay.

That’s it for this post. On to the second floor….

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