Tudor Flooring

Quick post on the hand painted tiles I added some time ago to the Tudor.  I actually did this more than a year ago and as I was cleaning out my images, I stumbled upon these.  Might as well share.
To construct this flooring I sketched out my design on graph paper with a key for the layout.  I gathered my tiles, some of which I hand painted.  I then glued the tiles to a piece of graph paper that I had measured and cut to the size of the floor.
I glued the paper-backed tile arrangement to the floor in the living area.  Lastly, I added brown paint to the edges and filled in the grout lines

I have actually completed several more items on this house but haven’t taken any pics yet.  The Linfield has been consuming my craft workspace as of late.  With that project out of the way,  I’ll begin updating you on the Tudor progress.

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