Linfield Living Room

I purchased a living room group used from a hobby shop. I didn’t get a before pic of the actual set I bought. Just trust me when I say that it was an overstuffed, mint green, tattered, filthy mess. But the price was right!

I started by ripping off all the upholstery and foam. I then heated the bare furniture in the microwave to soften the glue holding all the wood pieces together. Once the pieces were just blocks of wood, I began recovering and reassembling.

I moved next to the tables. I made these from scratch and decorated with various miniature items I had on hand or made as I went along.

Next I took a small premade crocheted doily I found at Joann’s and added additional crochet rows to make it bigger.

I then placed my furniture and created wall hangings and light fixtures.

The inside of the Linfield is done! Next on the agenda is a few flower boxes and porch decorations on the outside.

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