Linfield Study/Library

Off the master bedroom and bathroom, tucked in a tiny little nook, is one of my favorite areas of this house.  So I really wanted it to be special but with limited space, I knew I would have to get creative.

First, I began by taking another piece I had been hoarding for sometime, the desk, and sprucing it up with some office printables I found online.  I also made a wall hanging for above the desk using a printed painting that I framed with scrap wood trim painted gold.

I then filled up the built in book shelves with some previously purchased books,  flower vases,  small framed prints made from buttons that I glued prints onto, and some paper plates that I printed and mod podged to make shiny.  I also created some wall sconces from beads and jewelry findings.

Next I wanted a chair and table.  I had a purchased side table and just added a little lamp that I made from jewelry findings and beads.  I then took an old, ugly, plain wood, ladder back chair that I many times considered tossing, and stared at it for a very long time.  I knew I didn’t want to buy a chair but at the same time chair and table legs are the absolute worst to make from scratch.  Finally, i decided what had to be done and I broke the back off the chair.  I was essentially left with a large stool at that point.  I cut out a smaller, more delicate shaped back from cardboard.  I covered it in crossstitch/Aida fabric and then painted it.  I trimmed the back and attached it to the chair seat.  I made a seat cushion and skirt and attached to hide the ugly chair legs.  The ugly chair ended up being one of my favorite projects by far.  Lastly, I printed a round rug on fabric and trimmed it with a ruffle.

I just love the way it came together…ugly chair and all!

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1 Response to Linfield Study/Library

  1. Eden says:

    Lovely! Really like your use of different papers on the walls.


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