Linfield Attic

More often than not, I have a few projects in the works at the same time.  I will get burned out working on one and move over to another.  Such is the case at the moment.  I am taking a break from the Tudor…and the overwhelming fumes of stain.  I’ve been inspired looking at DIY furniture and accessories online and have decided to decorate the rooms of the Linfield.    

I started with the attic rooms-child’s room and attic storage.    

First was the child’s room.  I first made the bed frame and the the round bed side table out of scraps of balsa wood, dowels, etc.  I knew I would be covering them with fabrics so I didn’t have to worry too much about precision, painting, or prettiness. For the quilt,  I knew there was no way I could cut and see together tiny shapes so I cut small strips of fabric and weaved them together hoping to give the illusion of an actual quilt.  I made a very simple mattress, pillows, and sheets then applied various trims to finish everything off before glueing to the bed frame.  I finished the bed by glueing a scrapbooking cutout as a headboard.  

I then worked on the bed side table, cutting out a couple of different sized circles from fabric, trimming them out, and glueing it all down.  I then took some jewelry findings and a small, painted dowel and made a lamp.  I also printed out various children’s books, put them all together, and placed one on the table.  

I had some small toys that I had picked up somewhere down the road.  They had been sitting in a box for years now.  So I spent most of a day searching for them.  While searching, I came upon a long lost, bottom half of an old michael’s $1.00 shelving unit.  I had removed the hutch/top half for another project and saved the bottom should I ever need it.  Turns out it was exactly the right size for an attic bedroom. I painted it up,  mod podged a little printed image,  and placed toys and a handmade crayon box and books on it.  

 I wanted a small table and chair for playtime so found a rug image online and printed it out on printer fabric.  I trimmed out the rug.  Again, I found a little treasure while searching through boxes-a small chair I had picked up at some point over the years.  I painted and decaled it.  Then I made a little table out of left over stair spindles and wood.  After painting the table, I knew I wanted some sort of scene going on so I found a little puzzle online.  I printed it, cut it, and glued it to the tabletop.  

 I then built my own little dollhouse for my dollhouse.  I scattered additional toys around, and then created a couple of wall hangings made from jewelry frames with pictures I printed from online inserted.    

This little room ended up gladly putting a tiny dent in my hoarded bits and pieces.  I couldn’t wait to do the attic storage space!  

I began pulling out all kinds of odds and ends that had been sitting in boxes and drawers for years and started filling up the space.  I ended up only making a couple of the items-the Christmas tree box and the Xmas Decor box.   

Once the attic was completed,  I was then able to shingle the back roof.  I am in love with the way it came together.  Not only did I finally bust my stash, but I was also able to make the things I didn’t have, making this a “no-money-spent project”  

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