Tudor Front

Just a little more tweaking and the front is complete.  Oh how I wish this could be my full time job.

For under the gable, I cut strips of  wood and stained them.  Then I applied a generous layer of grout adhesive directly to the surface of the house and placed each strip of wood, mashing down so that the grout oozed between.   
For the stone entry,  I used paper clay.  I assembled the wood steps that came with the kit and then, once the glue was dry, I covered the sections with paper clay (there are a ton of great tutorials out there via Google for working with paper clay). I allowed the clay to dry for a couple of hours and carved the stone shapes using a dental pick.  I then began applying paint colors until I was satisfied.  I think I may go back and add some moss between the stones…can’t decide yet so I’m going to mull that one over for awhile.


I attached a pretty scrapbook cutout above the upper window and then semi-dry brushed around the edges of the timbers to further age it.

More to come as I begin working on the sides of the house.

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