How To – Dollhouse Grass

Half Scale


  1. Foam Poster Board (cut to size)
  2. Green Fuzzy Fabric (cut to cover foam board)
  3. Small Amount Fiber Fill
  4. Shades of Brown Acrylic Paint
  5. Shades of Green Acrylic Paint
  6. White Glue
  7. Paint Brush
  8. Matte Modge Podge

Trace out outline of house on foam board.

Glue down small bits of fiber fill randomly around board.  This will add depth to your grass.

Leave spots clear of fiber fill where you may later be placing flat items such as walkway to front porch.


Paint the back side of your fuzzy, green fabric with thinned brown paint.  I mixed approx. 2 parts paint with 1 part water.  You want to apply paint evenly and thinly to avoid the paint soaking through the other side.  The goal is to have just enough of the color showing through on the right side of the fabric so that it looks like dirt under the grass.  I practiced on a scrap of fabric before I started on my main covering.  

Allow your paint to completely dry before flipping fabric over.  Glue fabric to you foam board.  Allow glue to set but not dry completely as you will need to be able to fluff the grass.


Run a straight edge across it several times to fluff up the fibers.  Above you can see where some of my brown paint bled through a little too much in some spots.  Don’t worry!  These little spots will add tons of character later on.  

Mix approx. 1 part white glue with 1 part water.  It should be the consistency of thin, 2% milk.  Generously brush and/ dab the glue mix all over the fabric taking care to keep the fibers fluffy and standing upright.  Allow to dry completely.

Begin painting the grass with various shades of green.  Be sure not to saturate fabric with the paint.  Dab lightly, only small amounts of paint.  The goal is to paint the blades of grass only and keep the blades standing upright.  I applied multiple layers until I was happy with the look and had blended in all my brown patches.

Allow the paint to completely dry.  I then applied a thin layer of matte modge podge to seal.  Again, dab lightly to avoid crushing your grass down.  Above you can see the section I didn’t paint (house outline) next to my painted grass.

Finished product.

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