Gardener’s Cottage

So here is the dollhouse my mother tackled.  She went with a Greenleaf Orchid kit.  I believe it will be her first and last dollhouse…I believe her exact words were “Never again.”  She is an amazing florist which definitely shines through on this dollhouse.  This is absolutely amazing!!

Here is the Orchid House as intended per the instructions, which is very pretty.  How she manages to transform it, will blow your mind.


She kept her color pallet simple to allow the flowers to be the focal point.  As you walk up the ceramic tile walkway through the white picket fence, you’re immediately greeted by blooms everywhere!







There is so much doing on in every little nook and cranny of this dollhouse that she placed it on a turn table.  From the little dog at the front porch, to the vines trailing up the roof, to the water fountain in the courtyard, it will take hours looking over the outside to discover all the tiny hidden gems.

Now lets take a peek on the inside.


This kit comes with a ladder style staircase.  That would just not do in this work of art, so she built her own staircase with landing.  The staircase is adorned with victorian trim, with a large mirror hanging at the landing.



The living room and kitchen are simply too cozy for words.



Once you ascend the stairs, you arrive in a simple bedroom with a bed tucked in the dormer.



Anyone else want to live here?

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One Response to Gardener’s Cottage

  1. Sartenada says:

    Wow. Wonderful photos. I have also dollhouse post presenting dollhouses from Finland.

    Have a nice day!


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