Duracraft Linfield

So it’s been awhile since I posted but that does not mean I haven’t been creating. Here is a new dollhouse I have been working on for several months now. I purchased the Duracraft Linfield kit from Ebay for $25.00. Here is the Linfield as it is intended to look per the kit instructions. Unfortunately, some pieces were missing and many of the pieces that were accounted for weren’t really my style.



Once I assembled what I had of the kit, I began looking for inspiration. One of my favorite dollhouse makers is Robin Carey. She creates the most amazing dollhouses I have ever seen. Seriously, google her…you wont be disappointed. Her work definitely inspired this house.


I choose a brighter pastel color scheme for my house. I ended up adding siding and broke that up in places with stucco and other handmade trims. The front door was missing from the kit so I used a door left over from another kit. I also did away with the gable trims that are included with the Linfield as they seemed more of a gothic victorian style and I wanted more of a Painted Lady feel. I also opted to not use the stone facade on the bottom and went with my own handmade lattice work which I carried up to the gable trim.


Also missing from the kit, were the pieces to create the bay-type window on the side that you see in the kit pictures above. I ended up having to make the window flush and added a handmade window box as well as created my own window gable from scrap wood.


For each side gable, I added a break in the siding with a section of trim I made from more scrap wood, craft sticks, and wood medallions I found at Michael’s. I also created small shingles in Paint, printed them on cardstock, then cut out each one by hand to use as the siding under the eaves. Again, I brought my handmade lattice work up into the trim for the gables peaks.


I added some small window trim details in the corner of each window and painted them in the brighter colors. I made these by sawing the ends off popsicle sticks and layering them.


I took the wood strip flooring and stained it gray. I used it as the porch flooring. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I am currently in a rut with what to do on the inside of the house. I suppose I will wait until inspiration strikes and will save that for another post.

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