Dollhouse Puzzle

While stocking up on supplies at Michael’s, I ran across this charming little dollhouse puzzle.


I thought this would make a cute decoration in my craft room. Putting this puzzle together was much more challenging than I expected. It probably took me over a week to finally get it right.

Once constructions was completed, I began using up all my old scraps of wood and left over paints to decorate the outside. I also had paper thin shingles that came with a Greenleaf kit that I would never use on a regular dollhouse so I cut these down with scissors to use on the puzzle house.


In each of the gables, I created scallop strips in Paint and glued them to the façade to give the appearance of fish scale siding under the eaves.


I altered some of the windows slightly by removing the mullions to let more light into the tiny house. On the inside, I added headers over the windows. I also added a strip of wood behind the ladder-type staircase to give it more of a stair feeling vs. a ladder feeling.

IMG_0234 IMG_0235

I printed my own wallpaper by snagging pics from the internet and shrinking them down in paint until they seemed to be to scale. I also printed out different tile patterns onto photo paper to use as flooring. The photo paper gave the floors a high gloss look.

IMG_0237 IMG_0236

I used scrapbook die-cut frames and cutouts from my old scrapbooking days to create ceiling medallions.

IMG_0238 IMG_0239

IMG_0240 IMG_0241


The object of this house was to use only scraps and not make any other purchases other than the kit itself. What do you think?

IMG_0231 IMG_0230

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4 Responses to Dollhouse Puzzle

  1. LittleLoosie says:

    Super job on this little kit! And with leftovers and a computer. Very inspirational!


  2. Lisa I. says:

    You did such an awesome job. Your ideas were amazingly creative. My question is how did you attach the wall paper and the floor tiles? Did you use glue? My concern is that if I glue it, it will not stay put and eventually fall off. I am working on the same doll house, but am struggling with how to do the walls and floors.


    • agaffney75 says:

      I attach the wall paper with matte mod podge. I paint the walls with it and the smooth the paper over it. Try not to goop it on, just a nice smooth thin layer. Once it’s completely dry, I then “varnish” over it with mod podge Lustre. It seals it completely to the wall and gives it a slight sheen.

      For the flooring, I use aileens tacky glue on the first floor because the individual tiles and planks were thicker. But for the papered flooring on the other stories, I again used mod podge since they were thin paper.


      • agaffney75 says:

        Oops…sorry I was talking about the wrong house :). For the dollhouse puzzle, I glued all the flooring since it was printed on thick photo paper…


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