Parisian Bakery

My bakery started as the RGT General Store Kit.


I purchased this kit new and after completing the shell, I realized that this kit was crying out to be made into a bakery.  I envisioned a shop that you might find while strolling down the side streets of Paris.

  I was anxious to try my hand at working with clay, so I purchased ceramic clay and a set of mini “cookie cutters” in basic shapes.  I molded rectangular blocks and hand painted each one and attached to the façade of the building to create an antique stone look.  I then used basic sand-less white grout from Lowes and filled in my grout lines.


I began trimming out the exterior of the building using various crowns, plinths, etc.  The goal was to have the trim be prominent.  I went with black as my trim color in keeping with that Parisian feel.


 I then created my awnings over the windows.  I created a stripped design using Paint on the computer and added the French words for Cakes and Cookies and each.  I then printed them onto fabric printer paper that can be found at any Michael’s store.

  I was then ready to move to the inside…

  I used World and Model pink marble flooring paper, a combination of floral dollhouse wallpaper from RGT and a plaid scrapbooking paper that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I then added a chair rail.  The chair rail is actually a foam paper product that simulates plaster trim in dollhouses.  I found these on EBay.  Please see my resource page for recommended EBay dealers.

I added crowns, baseboards, and various other wood trims.


 Now it was time to begin decorating the space.











 There are many general store items that come with this kit but they just wouldn’t cut it in a fancy bakery like this.  So I purchased new shop cabinets from EBay and began filling them up.  Some of the baked goods were purchased and some I made myself using the same clay I used on the exterior.

I purchased jewelry findings that I purchased at Michael’s and created various cake stands, platters, and candy dish to display in and on top of the shop cabinets.




 I also repurposed two different plant stands and turned them into cake stands.


 I wanted to give visitors a cozy area to sit and enjoy their treats with a cup of coffee.  I purchased the plain white wire café table and chair set from Hobby Lobby and stripped off the red and white checked fabric.  I reupholstered the set in multiple prints in pink and green and topped it off with a crocheted doily found at Joann’s Fabric.

I finished the table setting off with a coffee service for two, cookies, éclairs, vase of flowers that I created from flower leftovers and a cone shaped jewelry finding.  I also took two very tiny scraps of fabric and made napkins.  I pulled the fabric through a jewelry loop and glued small sea shells on the loop to create my napkin rings.

I also created a window shelf to display some treats.

To finish it off,  I found some pretty printables and made pictures for the walls.  I also found a small chalk board at Michael’s and created a menu for the wall.  

I have another shop shell that I’m thinking of attaching to the bakery…maybe a toy store or perfume shop?  Decisions, decisions.





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